Monday, October 31, 2011

The Floating Carport! Wait....What?

Well, that's what it looked like, anyway.  The carport didn't really float, but was transported from one place on the property to another, putting into action the middle-of-the-night-brainstorm my dad concocted.

This is probably one of the coolest things I've witnessed in a long time.  Let me see if I can recreate it for you....

1. He is raising the carport slightly using the
two boards and sledgehammer as a lever.
2.  The entire thing was raised and supported at intervals
with stacks of blocks.

3. In the back of his pickup went the jack....
4. ...and a frame was built that would support
the carport from about center.

5. The support frame was jacked up to touch the roof.

6. Extra supports were installed to keep it from swaying.

7. The front support beam was installed earlier, but when
the carport was raised for moving the pressure made it
lean forward.

8. Extra supports for balancing and guiding were attached
to the crossbeam.

9. Here is the destination.
10.  It's on the move!!! The truck needs to drive
forward about 20 feet, turn right into the driveway and
straighten out ....  

11. ....before backing up another 40 feet into the spot.

12. His guide is my brother who is watching the others on
the outside and behind the carport.

13.  See the feet underneath the door?  Almost looks like
it is walking along Fred Flintstone-style.

14. The truck inside the carport is in reverse
and on it's way back!

15. It got alittle close to the retaining wall
on the right side....

16. they pushed while Dad continued slowly back.

17.  Almost there!

18.  Getting closer!!
19. Perfect fit on the right.
20.  Made it!!!!
21.  They left just enough room to open the door in the back. 

22.  Here is where it once stood and home of the future garage.

23.  And this is the great mastermind - my amazing Dad!  :-)                  
In case, pictures aren't enough here is some video footage 
of the event taken by my daughter, Shelby.

Floating Carport - Part One

Floating Carport - Part Two

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