Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who knows what lurks behind those doors?

We were experiencing a mysterious lack of water supply 
to the master bath and refrigerator at the new house.  
I said a prayer and ventured into the cellar.  
It took only a few seconds to discover
a couple shut off valves that hadn't been turned on yet.  
We now have water!  Thank you, Lord!
(I feel like such a she-woman!)

This is a recent status update from my Facebook page.  I received 19 "likes" and 2 comments.  I think 19 "likes" is a record for me.  With such a response I decided it was time to open the doors to the dreaded cellar!  Don't be afraid.  It's really not that bad....for a cellar, that is.
Watch your step now.  Look out for cobwebs.
Check out this doorknob!
Think it might have been here in 1890?

Maybe we should turn on the light.
There!  Now we can see where we're going.  I told you it wasn't so bad.
From here you can see the ac & furnace ductwork, water heater & water softener.
Ummm - what's the dark, shadowy area back there?
That's just the crawl space.

First, let me show you the shut off valves I found the other day....
Good thing the little doo-dad on the upper right looks just like the thingy that's 
attached to the  refrigerator.  I can certainly put two and two together!

Are you kind of creeped out by the crawl spaces?  Yeah, me too.
Let's take a closer look, okay?

It's kind of hard to see, but notice the old boards at the top.
Brian, my he-man husband, and Silas have already been exploring back there!
See that water bottle?  It marks the opening to unexplored territory in the crawl space.
This is on Brian's list for next weekend.  
Look carefully at this picture and the next.  See those stacked rocks?
These were carefully placed by a previous owner to brace the floor joist.
Comforting, right?  Not really!  But, it'll do in a pinch, I suppose.
However, also on the list is a visit from a professional who can properly brace the building!

Ready to head back up and out?  Me, too.
Wait!  Why is there a mirror on the back of the door?
And why are there hooks on it?
I don't think I even want to know!
Come on, let's get out of here.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the cellar.  Come again!

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