Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why Am I Here...Blogging?

We are buying a house.  A house we want to change.  I thought this would be a good way to keep track of the progress and share it with family and friends.  That’s it in a nutshell.

When we are ready, we’ll move twenty-one years of stuff out of the house that Brian built.  We brought into that house two kids and two cats.  We added three more kids and welcomed other cats after the first cats died. 

Our first daughter married, moved out, and started her family.  They are up to four kids now!  Our second daughter married, moved out, and started her family.  They have one and counting.  If you add it all up, including our unofficially adopted daughter, her husband and extended family that join us often for birthdays, holidays, and simply being together for BBQ and wiffleball games in the backyard, we can have up to 25+ people in our place!  That number is going to continue to climb.  It’s getting a little crowded.

I’ll never forget a couple Christmases ago when Brian looked at me across our 14’ x 18’ living room, eyes wide, shouting over the noise of everyone talking all at once.  The little kids were playing with the wrapping paper in the middle of the floor which could no longer be seen.  Toys were strewn about. Half the room was occupied by our lovely Christmas tree.  The grown kids were sitting shoulder to shoulder, on each others laps, laughing over stories and jokes.  He said to me, “I think it’s time to find a different house.”

So, here we are.  We’re buying a different house.  It is a house with more living space inside and out.  And we have ideas.  We have great plans.  That’s what this blog is about.  The house.  The yard.  The projects.  Most likely there will be a little bit of us and our lives thrown into the mix.  Find a comfy place and sit awhile.  I hope you enjoy it.

Won't you join me for a tour around the new yard?

Here's what you see as you enter the driveway.

Looking SW from the end of the driveway.

Are  you ready for some wiffleball?

Row of trees at East boundary, looking north.

Let's walk through the yard and look at it from west end.

See that tree in the middle of the yard?  Look how big it is....

Shelby & Silas posed to give us an idea of the enormity of this grand old tree.

There's a shed in the back.  Notice the ramp leading to the second story.  Silas has claimed the loft for his Nerf gun arsenal.

There's the front of the shed.

And here's the little play fort that sits behind/beside the shed.

Looking down the driveway from the NW corner of the property.  Notice the carport and location of future garage.

What do you think of this old fashioned cellar?  Scary, huh?  Actually, it's not too bad in there....

The rod iron must go!  Just sayin'.

Last but not least, this is the view from the front porch, looking East.


  1. What a wonderful home! The possibilities are endless and with a handy husband it will all be worth it.I can't wait to see all the changes!

  2. The house is beautiful! If you guys need any help....I would be happy to volunteer :)


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