Saturday, November 12, 2011

Outdoor Kitties

I really like kitties.
I find it hard to resist them.

My brother's cat had kittens several weeks ago.
Six of them and they need homes.

Since I'll be living on a short acre....
I'm going to need a couple outdoor kitties.


We have two cats already.
This is Hershey, the Great Hunter.

She has been known to leave lovely presents on our porch
and has jumped on the backs of doggies who dare to threaten our territory.
She follows when we go on a walk and meows loudly if we venture past the stop sign.
When the family plays wiffleball in the back, you will find her in the outfield.
Occasionally, she will even chase down the ball.
During schooltime, her favorite place is in the middle of the schoolroom floor.
She is the one snoring.
Very cool cat!  :-)

This is Snickers, the Freaked Out.

She is a lovely tortoise-shell kitty we got from a friend's grandpa who couldn't care for her anymore.
Snickers was declawed when she came to us and we try our best to keep her inside,
but she inevitably bolts for the great outdoors when the opportunity presents itself.
A ridiculous scaredy-cat, it's unlikely you will see her if you visit me, 
the moment she gets outside she heads for the deck so she can get back in 
or hides until we come looking for her.
Her favorite place in the house...someone's lap.  (Unless there are strangers in the house.)

The new kitties

We're only taking two, but we have picked three.

Isn't this guy adorable?  I've always wanted a gray one, but this guy might be my nephews' favorite.
If I'm going to retain my status as favorite aunt, I guess I better not take their favorite kitten away from them.

Here are our next favorites.
This little black and white....

And this little splotchy one.

So cute!
Hope they like being outdoor kitties!

I'm wondering about the best way to introduce them to each other?
Should the new kitties go to the House and Yard first?

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