Saturday, November 19, 2011

Painting, Entry Closet, Fall Fun and Other Stuff

It's been a full week at the house and yard....

Solomon making a leaf pile.
Arianna is less than thrilled with this activity.
The living room & dining area got a paint job.

Brian & Silas started prepping the deck for the sunroom.

Directly to the right of the front door was a door to a large bathroom.  Awkward!!

We decided to remove the bathroom door, add a wall with a new door, and put in an entry closet.  Brilliant!!

Recognize my new closet door?
It's the cool old door from the cellar!
(Anyone know how to clean a rusty doorknob?)
The view from the newly enclosed bathroom looking out to the front door.
The house isn't the only thing being remodeled.  I visited the dentist again this week.
This is a shot of my new crown.  Looks great, doesn't it?
Thursday night was my turn to host the monthly Bunko group.
Here we are in the freshly painted dining area.

Saturday morning I attended our Crafty Brunch at church.
This is what I made.

Like I said, it's been a full week!
Hope you enjoyed the update.

Coming up next, a list of my projects to 
complete prior to moving.


  1. Lemons and salt will take rust off. I think.

    Look at all those fun Bunco ladies!

  2. CLR... thats what my mom said.. you can get it at walmart :)

  3. Totally fun! I am so glad that you used that door, it's awesome! So much character. looks like things are moving along and you will be moved in soon. I like the color you choose. That is a hard thing to do.


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