Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Have Set A Date!

Our moving date goal is Saturday, Dec. 10th!!  Yippee!!

There are just a few things that need doing before we move, though.
Last time I promised you a list, so here goes.

1. Finish painting our bedroom.  Isn't that a yummy caramel color?  Love it!
(It's a little browner in person.)

2. Get the new walls in the entry and front bathroom ready for paint.

3. Install baseboard in the living room and dining areas.
The piece leaning against the wall is a sample of trim Brian had stashed in the garage,
but I'm thinking I'll go with something wider.  It will be painted a glossy white.

 4. The bay window area needs to be sanded and painted to match the living room.
5. The new header beam will be boxed in and painted.

6. I'm going to put in a contrasting tile to make a nice border all the way 
across the opening between the two areas.
This is where that half wall came out.

7. Ummmm - yeah.  This countertop and backsplash is going 'bye-'bye.  That'll be fun.  :-)

 8. The kitchen cabinets are getting a facelift.  I plan to restain 
for a darker, reddish finish.  There will be new countertops.  
Also, I've picked a pretty amber paint for the kitchen.

9.  Here's the view from the kitchen side.  The old appliances will have new homes
and this area will also be freshly painted.

10.  Okay.  Now, here is where I have a decision to make.  
To carpet or not to carpet, that is the question.
It's a laminate wood floor and I thought it looked pretty good when I cleaned it up for my bunko party last week.  It's kind of growing on me.  This area we're looking at now will hold the comfy furniture and entertainment center.  
This is what you see looking left from the front door.

This is what you see from the front door, looking right and straight back.  
I definitely want to keep the flooring in that area.

So, if I do carpet the space, how far should it go?  I kind of like the idea
of having a larger, uncarpeted area by the front door and walk through space.
I might just buy a large room-sized rug for the TV watching area and 
live with it for awhile before deciding on carpet.  

What do you think?  What would you do?
To carpet or not to carpet?  That is the question!
And, if to carpet, how much of the space should be carpeted?

That's our list of projects we'd like to complete before moving in 17 days!
(Not to mention getting all our stuff packed!)
Think we can do it?
Yes, we can!

Time for me to go make some pie and other yummy things for our Thanksgiving feast!
I'm trying a couple new recipes.  One for a pumpkin pie filling.  
The other for homemade stuffing.
I'll let you know how it turns out.

Happy Thanksgiving!
God bless you and your family!


  1. My personal preference is no carpet. We ripped all ours out and love the wood. We do have area rugs. AND I know you can get it all done!

  2. My first thought is the less carpet, the better. I have to sit and think about something a long while before it hits me, so I like the area rug idea. This is exciting! I'm a little jealous, though. I'm wishing I had a moving date.

  3. No carpet! I love it the way it is!

  4. No carpet, get an area rug, 8 x 10 or bigger but keep the wood floors and when the area rug gets trashed through it away and get a new one! My personal opinion.

  5. Wendi, I know you're really looking forward to moving, too. God will show you the right place and the right time. I searched MLS daily for months. We even found a couple others we liked before this one, made offers but lost them both. Crushing! We made our list of "must haves" and stuck to it. It'll happen for you. :-)

  6. I like the area rug idea for now :) Good luck!


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