Friday, December 9, 2011

New Moving Date

We're not quite ready to move our stuff in yet.
Next Saturday, the 17th, is moving day.
Ready or not, here we come...on the 17th.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to remodel.
Here is how the bay window project is coming along.

This is what Dad had to work with.  Pretty rough terrain.
We decided wainscoting would do nicely rather than
trying to fill and smooth all those cracks and bumps.
This picture doesn't begin to show how awful it was.

Starting from the middle, he worked his way to either side.
Each piece had to be measured and cut to specific lengths
because the house isn't square.

He installed trim on either side and on top to frame it.
The left side is taped because we added some glue to help
keep it in place since there is no stud in the middle.

To finish it off, he filled this sill area with the leftovers.

Another amazing custom fit job!

The beam is boxed in and got it's final coat of mud.
Tyler got it sanded down nice and smooth.

It's ready for primer and paint.

I forgot to tell you something interesting about the cabinets.
When our friend came to install the countertop, he had to
tear out and reinstall the cabinets because they weren't level.
Not only were they not level, they weren't attached to the wall!!

See the shims under the cabinets?  
Notice the difference in height from left to right.  
Would you say the floor is a little wonky?  
I would!

Thanks again, Bill, for your patience and hard work to get
this all back together in proper order!

Saturday's agenda includes painting of the baseboards,
bay window, and new header beam.
Of course, I will continue to strip the cabinet doors.
So far so good, but I haven't tried the stain yet.
Thanks for visiting A House and Yard!
I have appreciated all the comments and encouragement.

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