Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goal - Bundobust!

While playing Balderdash with friends on New Years' Eve I learned a new word - bundobust.

It is a noun meaning to have one's affairs in order, well organized, arrangement, preparation, a system or discipline.

Fitting, wouldn't you say?  At least it is for me at the moment.  Oh my goodness, when I look around and see all the projects before me I'm tempted to just go back to bed.  Yikes!  Not to mention the personal, work, and spiritual goals I have set for myself.  

There's the remodeling list which includes the projects I've spoken about before including (but not limited to) installing floor tile where the dining room wall was removed, painting various rooms that are still white (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, hallway), and attaching decorative tile to the backsplash.

I'm actually kind of excited to be able to call it bundobust rather than organize or discipline or routine.
Makes it feel like I'm setting brand new goals rather than new versions 
of the same old goals!

For instance, I intend to bundobust my collection of books by setting up bookcases along this wall:

My closet will be nicely bundobusted when I get more shelving, as well.

The laundry room could use a bit of bundobusting, don't you think?

See?  Isn't it fun?

A personal goal I have for 2012 is to get better at playing the piano.  I will accomplish this with a bundobust including regular practice times, committing to learn a new song or two each week, and using skill building exercises to strengthen my fingers encouraging speed and accuracy.

My spiritual bundobust will continue to include regular Bible study, prayer, and journalling.

I pray your efforts to bundobust your lives and homes 
are fueled with inspiration and met with great success!

What will YOU bundobust this year?


  1. Bundobust, it keeps underlining it in red when i type it... annoying. but, a fun word anyway. i think i will bundobust my time. it's definately unbundobusted.

  2. What an interesting word!! Thanks for sharing your 2012 goals. Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.



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