Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beauty for Clutter

A couple days ago I bemoaned the presence of clutter.

Part of the reason for the accumulation of clutter is the fact that I've been directing our church's Easter play. We have dress rehearsal this afternoon and it will be performed Palm Sunday morning. Of all the things I do, theatre work is one of the most satisfying to my soul. 

There is absolutely nothing like taking a bunch of words on paper, assigning flesh to speak those words, adding simple furniture from daily living, and weaving the emotion of music throughout in order to bring the printed matter to life.  

Our congregation is in for a real treat tomorrow morning!

But anyway, back to the clutter. Really? We have to get back to the clutter? Well, we all deal with it, right? Here's something I do. When I simply can't conquer it at the moment, I add something pretty. For me that means fresh flowers. My flowers usually come from Walmart, the city market, or my yard depending on the season. All that looked good a few days ago were the carnations. Oh, and I scored on some pansies as well.


(Yes, I watermarked this because I know you're totally going to want to Pin my clutter.) 

Now, just so you know, the kitchen has since been tidied up. But still - see my carnations on the right? Flowers just make me feel better.

Sitting next to my carnations, are the duct tape roses my son made for me. Aren't they lovely, too?  He's so creative!

At the moment my little mantel is extremely random, but the stems that were too short for the other arrangement went into my new bud vases. Aren't they cute?

At the entry way there were clothes baskets, paper, towels and mussed up pillows among other things you can not see in the picture. However, see the pansies peek-a-booing at the window?

Hello there, pretty pansies!

I don't know. There is just something about placing the living in the middle of the dormant. Something beautiful next to something ugly. It can make the transition bearable. 

Until I could get to the cluttered mess, it helped me to have something pretty to look at.

A little like life, don't you think? There's always a bit of clutter, but there's usually some beauty to focus on in the midst of the mess. 

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 NLT


  1. I LOVE the flowers in the little bottles in the wire basket. One of my kids found a bunch of old bottles up in the back forty of our property. I cleaned up the bottles up and they have been asking what I'm going to do with them. Now I know! But I sure wish I had a cute wire basket!

    1. Sounds like we need to visit a couple antique stores.... Shall we?


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