Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pre-Party Pandemonium

There is nothing like the knowledge you will receive a multitude of guests into your home in a matter of days to provide incentive to kick it into high gear. What's the occasion, you ask? Daughters #3 and 4 are graduating from high school and we're having an open house on Sunday!

Aren't they cute?

Their senior pics were taken by 
this talented young lady at 

Sydney and Shelby started kindergarten together at the ages of 5 and 4 in our little homeschool.
Have thirteen years really gone by already?!?

Okay - onward to the project list....

The backsplash will be installed. I am SO excited about this one! Here's a little hint of my new wall color.

Don't you just love my messy before pictures? Makes the finished product so much more beautiful.
At the other end of the kitchen is this little corner in need of organizing.

The downstairs bath will get a quickie update with a new shower curtain and paint job.

The entry needs paint. I've taped off the area where the living room color ends and the entry color will start. It's been interesting dealing with the absence of trim to define the boundaries.

The entry color will go on up the stairs and down the hallway, as well as into the area directly to the right of the front door.

Brian's been working on the sunroom.  He's got some of the windows in already!

I'll be dishing up some yummy snacks for the party, so will keep you posted about the menu and the finished updates. Guess I better get out of my chair and get moving again!

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  1. Can't wait to see everything on Sunday! Thanks for the preview.


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