Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Illuminating Blogger Award and Bathroom Update

I want to thank CJ from Food Stories Blog
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According to the rules I am now supposed to share with you one random thing about myself,
so here goes....one random thing....ummm, well....

Whenever I am asked to name one random thing,
I can't think of anything and always have to ask a friend.
So, my friends, you may comment, but please be nice. :-)

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Illuminating Blogger Award.
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And now, the promised Bathroom Update!

You may (or may not) recall that our downstairs bathroom started out as an
awkwardly, large space that opened directly off the front door.
Brian enclosed the bath, made room for a foyer and a closet.

I had intended to get the bathroom painted before the girls' graduation party,
but that didn't happen.

Last week I tackled it while Silas was at camp, since he is the one who uses it most.
This cool shower curtain came from Target. I LOVE Target's selection of shower curtains!

The paint is Furry Ottertail from Color Place, however I used Walmart's Better Homes and Garden's line of interior premium paint in the eggshell/satin finish.

The little cabinet will get a paint job before reattaching it to the wall behind the toilet.
I'm not too fond of the brown on brown we have going here,
so the plan is to experiment with the chalk paint I've heard much about.

Another issue I'm still trying to decide on is the white cabinet. To paint or not to paint? 
The creamy sink top looks funny to me over the white vanity.
What were the previous owners thinking?!?
I'm toying with the idea of using the same blue from the shower curtain.
Or a really dark brown....or something else. I don't know yet.
What do you think?

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  1. I love the shower curtain! I also don't mind the sink top I think it adds some texture.

    1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the input. I'm still undecided; it may depend on whether I feel like painting the cabinet. :-)

  2. I agree with Debbie about the sink top.....it seems nowadays you can mix white and creamy. Or, if you want to paint, aren't there several colors in the shower curtain you could play off? (I keep my day job because I'm really deficient in home decorating!) But your bathroom looks GREAT !!!!

    1. Karen, if I do paint it'll most likely be the same blue from the curtain. Bright and pretty!

  3. A random thing about Calista...She is very creative. Not only is she a creative writer, she's also a creative house decorator/fixer-upper! :) Thanks for sharing your pics!

  4. Hi Calista! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I was super excited about your comment that we have the same shower curtain. Target shower curtains are my favorite too! :) We even painted the walls in our bathroom a very similar color. I have a honey oak cabinet in my bathroom and I have been thinking about painting it a dark brown like you were thinking too. So many decisions to make!


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