Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunroom Project 2

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Last week was a full week. The writing challenge continues to be - well, challenging. But I am writing. Brian and I had a fun couple days celebrating our anniversary. Over the weekend we enjoyed time with friends from church. Today and yesterday we are entertaining two of our granddaughters while their mom and dad are out of town.

Time for the some house updates. The sunroom is completely enclosed.

Here's a shot of the wall. There's a door leading to the outside play area.

It needs insulation and sheetrock on the inside.

Some items on the sunroom to-do list include installing the retractable shades for the ceiling, enclosing the deck exterior so critters can't get underneath, electric outlets and ceiling fans, subflooring and carpet. Then, it will be a finished room and I get to decorate! I am devouring sunroom pictures online for ideas! In the meantime, we are enjoying having a screened-in porch.

Bonnie is a little confused about being locked out of the area that was previously part of her domain.

Another thing checked off the to-do list is blacktop in the back. Brian was beyond excited about this.

The guys came Thursday morning and began by digging up the existing yard and old, crumbly blacktop.

I didn't get many pictures of the process because Brian and I were out on our anniversary date.

When we got back, it was done! This is a great area for the kids to play basketball and ride their trikes and bikes. 

Eventually, there will be a garage next to the house, but for now it is a wonderfully open space for play.

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