Monday, July 23, 2012

Real Life and a Little Bit of Bliss

Did ya miss me?

Since I last posted over three weeks ago....
  • ...we celebrated my Dad's birthday.
  • ...we celebrated our country's birth.
  • ...I taught two weekly Bible studies each week.
  • ...I helped my daughter fix up her baby's nursery.
  • ...our internet went away for a week.
  • ...I began work on a show as stage manager. (It's great to be back!)
  • ...we welcomed our new grandson into the world.
  • ...we made final preparations for our daughter starting cosmetology school.
  • ...I became a grandma again.
  • ...I did everything else pertaining to "normal" life in our household.
  • ...oh yeah, did I mention I'm a grandma again?
Well, hello there....
This little guy, Azariah Luke, joined us the evening of July 7.
Azariah's mommy has given me permission to tell his amazing story, so stayed tuned.

A week or so before he was born my daughter, Steph, and I worked on Azariah's room.
We used this stuff.
 Again, stay tuned.


  1. I am staying tuned!

  2. Enough events for a whole year in my life.....Whew!

    1. Tell me about it! On Saturday there was nothing planned the entire afternoon and evening - heavenly!

  3. Drats! I want the rest of the story.......can't wait!

    1. If we'd plan that get-together I could tell you in person! :-)

  4. Charlie and I took our grandsons out to Moon Marble in Bonner this week and drove by your house on the way home. It looks fabulous! Carolyn

    1. Hi Carolyn! Isn't the marble place fun?! Wish I could have seen you.


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