Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kitchen Corner Update

31 Days of Order - Day 17

Good evening!! 

Well - today I finally dug my way out of this corner.

It felt amazing to take everything off and give it a good cleaning. It felt even more amazing to throw away junk and put away the useful things.

Some pretty wrapping paper caught my eye the other day at Target, so picked it up along with some double-stick tape. After getting the desk clean, I measured, cut, and carefully applied the paper in sections. I had considered taking off the back of the hutch to avoid having to patch it together, but decided against it. If I ever do it again, I'll take off the back.

I was so excited about the paper on the hutch that I forgot to put on the new drawer pulls before I took pictures.

Oh, yes, you are seeing dots. Better still, some of those dots are gold glitter!! Bring on the glam!

It's drawers got a cute new face.

Here she is tucked back into place. I am so pleased.

Some of the bins and cookbooks have been replaced on the shelves, but I still have a couple more things to do. I'll give you a hint. It involves spray paint for some items and fabric for another. Any guesses? More updates to come.

It was super energizing to dig into this project and having this prominent corner tidied up makes me smile. Well, the gold glitter dots have alittle something to do with it, too.

Have you undertaken any little organizing projects lately? How's it going?

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  1. I have so much that needs to be done! And I'm getting very inspired reading your projects. I'm sure you will love your new corner.

  2. What a lovely piece! The glitter made me smile. After a crafter, I just love it! I am currently making a new stamp room. I used to craft in the basement, but the light and temperature both are not good. So I am turning my spare bedroom into my stamp room. My big thing is making it organized as it wasn't when in the basement. i am loving it so far. Hoping to finish before the holidays. I can't wait!

    1. Bringing your stamp room up from the basement!! Now that is exciting! Have fun organizing and I look forward to your updates.


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