Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday: Where It's Morning All Day Long

31 Days of Order - Day 1

Good Monday afternoon, dear Readers!

Today finds me in the same place you will find me most Mondays; doing the laundry and restoring order to the homeland following the flurry of activity we call the weekend around here. Monday is the day when it's morning all day long. I want nothing more than keep the lights down, noise to a minimum, and sip coffee while I putter around in my jammies doing my chores.

The usual flurry was multiplied by four last weekend as we had our granddaughters staying over while their mommy and daddy took a couple days for themselves. Four times as many shoes on the floor. Four times as many screen door slams. Four times as many PBJ sandwiches. Four times as many wet towels. Four times as many giggles. Four times as many hugs and kisses. Four times the amount of exhausting delight.

Top off all that wonderfulness with a family birthday party on Sunday afternoon/evening and call it amazing! I am forever grateful to God for the people He has surrounded me with to do life.

Now it's Monday. There is a mundane sort of comfort in the ordinary routine of Monday. I know that Sunday is our day set aside for worship with our church family, however Monday is sacred too. 

I love people, but people can wear me out and often the weekend is filled with people. Monday is the day to keep the door closed, take a deep breath, and regroup for the week ahead. Not to mention the next weekend.

In today's Bible verse from Psalms, when it says "I will demonstrate the salvation of God" it means the help of God. The qualification for receiving God's help? Ordering my way aright. Other versions say "set your foot on the Way" (MSG) and "keep to My path" (NLT).

Do I want the help of God for my week? Oh, yes, I most definitely do. The first step to order is God's word. It is not going to make one bit of difference how tidy you find my spice drawer or if all the laundry is done if I am not doing what God wants me to do. 

What You Can Expect This Month

During this 31 Day series on order, you can expect to find a mishmash of posts including devos (because that's just how I roll), projects I undertake to restore order, some pin-spiration on order, and loads of encouragement to order not only your surroundings, but your insides. Don't worry - it won't hurt....much. 

I hope you will follow along and join the conversation. Let me know what your Monday routine includes. How do you restore order after a busy weekend?

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  1. A wonderfully well-written blog, as usual Calista. I was right there with you on a Monday!

    1. Thank you. I know, aren't Mondays magnificent?!

  2. I bookmarked your page as soon as I saw your title on the practice linky :) Our Sundays are full of worship and family, so we pop in and out of the house all day long, trying to make it to church on time and generally leaving a mess behind! My Mondays are full to the brim with laundry and tidying up. I also make my grocery list to prepare for the week ahead. Look at my calendar to make sure I have a good idea of the big picture for the week, and then get some lunch foods packaged up for the week. Looking forward to reading more between writing my own 31 Days series (...Of Saving Money in the Kitchen).

    1. Lisa, thanks so much for stopping by for a chat! I am heading over to your blog right now. :-)


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