Saturday, October 20, 2012

Planning and Trusting

31 Days of Order - Day 20

Ps 37:5

There is a funny thing about the quest for order. It can morph into an excessive need for control. The problem with trying to control our schedule, situation, or clutter is that life is bound to throw us a curve. Next thing we know we're reaching, chasing the ball and our carefully constructed plans are out.

I tend to be the frustrated perfectionist who would rather not even try knowing my plans won't go the way I intend. But, that's no excuse, I tell myself.

Without a plan I am assured nothing will be accomplished. With a plan the odds are definitely in favor of getting at least part of what needs doing done.

The other end of the spectrum is having a plan and - by-golly - we're going to see it through no matter how long it takes and you better not get in the way of my progress! Yikes! Take cover! Mama's on a mission!

Achieving and maintaining order requires a balance between prayerful planning, wisdom to know when it's okay to deviate from the plan, and diligence to pick it up again when things go awry.

How about you? Are you the frustrated perfectionist or the over-planner?
What have you done to find a nice balance between the two?

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