Monday, October 15, 2012

When Things Get Out of Order

31 Days of Order - Day 15

I had a plan to today. I really did. It was working out great, too, until something stepped out of order.

While loading pretty autumn pictures for this post my computer gives me the message that I need to free up disk space before I can go on. The ol' PC was out of room.

It's not like I was surprised about this. For days I have seen and ignored another message. You know, the message that told me I was going to run out of disk space if I didn't free up some space very soon. Very soon turned into right now.

As a result of this delay I will not get much (if any) work done on my kitchen corner which continues to be under suspension for disorderly conduct.

At any rate, I spent a large portion of the morning processing and removing files from my computer to make room for more pictures.

The moral of the story is whatever you see that needs doing, do it now before it messes up your plans for another day!

I am in love with the bright yellow tree in our backyard. It is most brilliant in the morning when the sun peeks through the trees across the street around eight o'clock in the morning....

...and blasts light over the house illuminating this big walnut behind the shed.

Amazing golden light. 

What enthralls me most is the difference between shadow and light at that time of day.

There is another little treat in the yard right now. Speaking of getting things out of order....hello, Sweetheart.

I think you are confused about your seasons. This little bush bloomed in the Spring, but quickly dried up in the drought and hasn't bloomed again for months.

You might be out of order, but I forgive you.

 It is good to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning,
your faithfulness in the evening.
Psalm 92:2 NLT

I suppose it wasn't such a bad thing for my day to take a different turn than I had originally intended.

* * * * * * * * * * *

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  1. I love this post! ESP the part about doing things when you see that they need to be done. There is a saying, "Why do you never have enough time to do it right the first time, but always have time to do it again?" That's SORT of related to your dilemma of the day - but I totally appreciate the thought - AND challenge!

    1. True saying! The switch from being in some sort of control of your life to being forced to take care of what has become the urgent thing.

  2. I'm never able to make plans...every time I've tried they generally fall apart within the first few stages! I get distracted so easily and tend to totter off to attend to something else...then have a "oh geez I haven't done such-and-such a thing" moment!

    Also - the golden colour on that tree is fabulous!

  3. Your pictures are amazing. As far as plans go...I usually wing it.


    1. Sometimes winging it is the only plan - wait - can "winging it" be a plan?


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