Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mustache Bash Baby Shower

Last Sunday was a big day at our house. 

To celebrate the coming of my oldest daughter's fifth baby, but first boy baby, we threw a 

Mustache Bash Baby Shower

A quick Google and Pinterest search brought up scores of great ideas.

Here is the invitation I made using PhotoBucket.
I simply uploaded a blank jpeg to this online photo editing program and 
had a blast using their free tools to make it pretty.
Please excuse the unattractive areas where I covered our personal info,
but you get the idea.

Games & Activities

Everyone filled out one of these I made and printed up on cardstock.

We played Name That 'Stache....
How many can you guess?

...and Pin the 'Stache on the Baby.
Besides mustaches we had cut outs of bowties and hats.
Funny how the mustaches ended up in the bowtie spot.


Little Man Onsie Banner

I printed images found online to iron-on transfer fabric, then applied them to onsies.

They are hung on heavy yarn with clothes pins.

Bowler Hat Mobile

This plastic bowler came from U.S. Toy and cost around a buck.

Again, yarn and construction paper shapes for fun.

My son attached it to the beam using sticky tack.


Okay - you're going to have to forgive me, but I had an epic blogger fail.
There are no pictures of the food! What was I thinking?
Well - I wasn't thinking. I was busy. is a description of what we ate:
 mustache-shaped sugar cookies decorated with green sugar crystals or chocolate sprinkles
mustache-shaped chocolate lollipops
popcorn tossed with crumbled chocolate chip cookies, green M & M's, 
all drizzled with melted white chocolate & allowed to cool
crackers and mustache-shaped cheese (I used the cookie cutters to cut the cheese slices)
bbq sauce soaked l'il smokies

Of course, we took lots of pictures (just not of the food apparently).

We had props available for the photo shoot:
mustaches on stewers, funny glasses, a cane, and a couple hats.

Hope you don't mind looking at pictures of my family and friends! :-)

Here's the lovely momma-to-be, my daughter, Sarah.

I was totally excited to find this frame at Goodwill for $5!
It has a brown velvet ribbon around the center and fancy curlicues in the corners!
I feel another project coming on....

My Dad and Sarah

No, the party didn't get too wild. This is our bonus-daughter who stopped in on her way to work.
Baby's Grandma, Cousin and Aunt
The little ones are Sarah's three oldest girls.
Me and my friend.
My sis-in-law & my stepmom - Baby's Gigi :-)

And here are just a few of our friends...

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you enjoyed the party.

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  1. the shower was amazing Calista! all the details were awesome, everything from the decor, to the games, to the food, very well thought out and executed!! i for one, was very impressed, also, i may steal this picture of steph and i and crop it to be my new facebook picture... just warning you ;)

    1. Of course! If you want I can send the original. :-)

  2. Loved It! Glad I got to be there!

    1. I am glad you were able to join us, too! It was a fun day.

  3. This is too cute! And I just adore your "framed" pictures.
    I also see that the part you didn't cover up on the invitation says you're in Kansas. I love finding other Kansas bloggers!! Yeah!
    Thanks so much for coming by to visit my blog and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  4. This shower is adorable! Are you willing to share the 'prayers for baby' template? All I can ever find on the internet is 'wishes for baby' and have been looking forever to find one that says 'prayers' (and since I have zero graphic design skills, it would be very helpful). Thanks!!

    1. Hi, Holly. Thanks for stopping by. I made the Prayers For Baby using either PicMonkey or Photobucket (can't remember which) and you could easily do the same. Or make a simple doc in Word.

  5. What program did you use to make the prayer cards?

  6. Sharp mind! That planned everything so well covering amazing details. Gender reveals party and a baby shower treat from my neighbor's side is pending. Asking about some favorable Chicago venues for the celebration. Also given ideas of catering and cake designs with delicious mock tails to welcome their baby doll.


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