Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Custom Pantry 3

Alrighty! Last week I showed you the progress on my new pantry and it looked like this....

Remember how I promised to show you my big idea for inside the panels? Magnetic chalkboards!

After doing the research I decided against the magnetic paint offered by a big name paint. The reviews kind of made me nervous; there weren't enough happy reviewers.

Not knowing exactly what I would find, I headed to Lowe's for sheet metal and chalkboard paint. I found a couple knowledgeable staff people and came home with my supplies: 4 squares of sheet metal, double-stick mounting tape, and chalkboard paint.

I had already measured the panels, but did it again just to be sure, fixed myself a mocha, turned on the Christmas music, then got to work.

The metal was easy to cut using tin snips. I had to roll the unwanted piece up and away from the panel in order to cut all the way up.

Probably would have been a good idea to wear gloves.

After cutting all the panels I moved outdoors to smooth the edges. I did this with a small, handheld metal file. I also tapped lightly along the edges with a hammer to flatten those areas that became notched from the snips.

Back inside and time to paint. The paint guy at Lowe's recommend that I prime the metal before using the chalkboard paint, which I did. Then, I applied three coats of chalkboard paint. The paint dried quickly, so this took hardly any time at all. Truthfully, it was fully covered after two coats, but I thought three might last longer if we were going to do a lot of writing and erasing.

When the paint was fully dry, it was time to attach the panels to the pantry. I elected to use double-stick mounting tape rather than glue in case I didn't want the panels on my pantry forever-and-ever-amen. This way I can remove them fairly easily if I decide to do so.

The double-stick mounting tape went on the wood first and after revealing the sticky side, c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y I pressed the painted metal panel to the pantry starting at the bottom and working my way up.

One of my panels went on alittle cockeyed for some reason and I had quite a time pulling it off for repositioning. The metal is thin, bending easily and the tape is super sticky, so I ended up with a slight bump. If you try this, make certain of your position before pressing to attach the panel.

On this side, I only used the metal panels in the middle section. I applied the chalkboard paint directly to the primed wood of the lower sections.

I like the contrast of the black paint and the red cabinet.

Still to be done to call this project finished are handles for the large pull-out shelves and some trim. Guess I'll have to write another update!

Custom Pantry 1
Custom Pantry 2

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And now for this commercial message.... If you like my pantry and need some cabinets, let me know. My son-in-law, Adam, is in the custom cabinet making business and would be glad to talk to you about your kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, and/or furniture needs.

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