Thursday, June 6, 2013

My Mom's Famous Pink Room

When I need to run away from home, I go to my mom's.
When I go to my mom's, I get to sleep in the pink room.
Every time I tell my girlfriends about the pink room, they are jealous.
So, this post is for my girlfriends.

(Manly men, beware. This is a very pink post.)

The walls are pink. The floor is pink. The ceiling is...well, pink, of course.

Many of the beautiful things in the room are pink.

The comfy bed is covered with a quilt and the pillowcases....

 ...were embroidered by my grandma and edged with crochet by my mom.

Is there anything better than sleeping near an open window with a cool breeze blowing?
I have very happy dreams when I sleep in the pink room.

There is a lovely little corner for reading.

Here's a closer look at the shelves and the pink stuff on the shelf.
See the picture on the lower right with the two babies?
That's me and my brother, Ed. (Aren't we so cute?)
Above is my other brother, Paul.

This little treasure is a silhouette of my grandma, Betty. 

Kitty cozies up at the doorway.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of The Pink Room.

The Pink Room isn't the only lovely area at Mom's house.
Mom, who just so happens to be a Master Gardener, also has a beautiful yard.
Not only that, but because she lives in rural Missouri, there are many views that feed the soul.
I'm working on a couple more photo-driven posts to show you Mom's yard.
Much more beauty coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by A House and Yard.


  1. So cool! Loved it. Thanks for sharing the pinkness.

  2. I'm the jealous one ! Lol love this room and you.

  3. I'm the jealous one ! Lol love this room and you.


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